George St Trams Delayed to 2020!

Long story, short: The company building the trams is suing the government.

Construction workers have been told to slow down until the amount of $1 billion owed by the government to the contractors is settled. Making it the most expensive light rail project ever at $3 billion.
Guinness Book of Records – where you at?

The project that should’ve been completed in March 2019 may now be delayed to March 2020.

The increased costs are apparently due to incorrect plans, leading to workers digging into concrete and finding cables or plumbing that obviously needs to be avoided. Transport NSW says that the contractor company knew beforehand that they’d face these issues.

There is a call for businesses to be compensated for lost revenue.

If you’re going to build a tram network with 0 experience, don’t do it in the heart of the city, while telling contractors that they’ll likely come across issues. An extensive, thought out plan was needed. Instead we got 2 years of planning, with construction beginning, then needing further planning due to measurement errors, and now this.


  • The total cost to taxpayers may be up to $3 billion
  • The North West Rail Line network took 8 years and $7 billion in comparison
  • Original cost was $1.6 billion

Straight to the sauce:
Extra sauce:


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